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Artisanal Plant-Based Baked Goods

Dairy-free & eggless. All love. 



One small step for bakers, one giant leap for a hopeful sixteen-year-old girl.

Exploding with as much love we have for baking as we do for people, we needed

an outlet to combine and direct that passion; ergo RaeBakesVegan was born

into existence. Our mission? To spread love and joy through our bakes.


What started out as a passion project grew into a fervent way of life for us here.

No preservatives, no artificial flavouring, all love. With delicately selected ingredients, we bake in small batches to ensure you're able to have a fresh

warm taste of home.


We hope you enjoy our bakes as much as we do enjoy making them.

We’ve grown tremendously since day one, but we’re not quite done yet. 


100% Vegan. Dairy-free. Egg-free. All love.


Biscoff Overload Cake
Sea salt and Dark Choc cookies
Party Favours
Assorted cupcake box
6 inch round cakes
Cinnamon rolls
Upon receiving the cookies one of the Nu
bake sale



" They were all amazing! love the distinct flavour of the earl grey lavender cake, the vanilla icing that adds just the right amount of sweetness to the carrot cake thats packed with walnut"

" Your tea cakes are amazing! just like

a normal cupcake,

if you didn't tell me

its vegan I wouldn't

have known"


" Best Cake I've ever had, better than other non-vegan ones that I've tried!"

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